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Market Beating Business Strategy
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Download the 7 Steps I have used for over 20 years to help hundreds of businesses, banks, organizations and entrepreneurs become national leaders in their market!

  • Do you have a great strategy for your business?
  • Is your strategy a “Market Beating Strategy?”
  • Are your competitors envious of your strategy?
  • Does your entire team get your strategic plan and make it a priority to complete all the elements of it every single year?

If your business and team are not 100% on board with an effective strategic plan, then I encourage you to download our free Market Beating Business Strategy Workbook. . .

Hi, Tim Scholten here, founder of Visible Progress. For over 20 years I have helped hundreds of businesses, banks and organizations as well as thousands of individuals become market leaders through strategic planning and exceptional execution. During that time, I developed  a simple strategic planning process, a 7 step process called the “Market Beating Business Strategy“, that has worked for every kind of business, organization and entrepreneur. I am sure that if you apply these same 7 steps, you will make visible progress and grow your business beyond its current limitations. The workbook is a strategic planning template or framework that I have refined over 30 years of growing businesses and organizations It will guide you through your strategy with specific questions that you and your team can work through together at your own pace to create your own successful strategic business roadmap. All you need to do is download the free PDF workbook (over 35 pages), watch the free videos series, complete the 7 step strategic plan framework with your business or team, and grow your business predictably and successfully! Take these simple steps now to lead your business to the next level. . 1- Fill out your name and email 2- Check your email to confirm your request for the workbook and download link 3- Download the workbook and print it out 4- Begin working through my 7 proven steps and take your business to the next level   At Visible Progress, we have helped thousands of businesses and individuals create a winning strategy, then execute flawlessly on that strategy to see their businesses reach levels of success that they never thought possible. . .   If you are one of the 82% of business owners that either don’t have an effective strategy or your entire team is not executing 100% of your strategy every year . . . then I guarantee your business is not excelling like it can and should.   That is why I created this simple workbook.   You can take your business, organization or team through it to see immediate, positive results.   In this workbook, I give you the 7 steps that I have developed and mastered through over 20 years of helping marginal or failing businesses create a market beating strategy, and then execute that strategy flawlessly, taking their businesses to new levels of momentum, accomplishment, team unity, and success!   Not only have these 7 steps helped average business reach extraordinary success, these same 7 steps have helped failing banks, businesses, and organizations turn their business around to become one of the best in their market.   These 7 steps have worked with any size business, in any market and at any stage of business.   They work regardless of whether you are a solo entrepreneur, or the president of a company with thousands of employees.   The free PDF workbook has over 35 pages of examples and questions to help guide you through the development of your market beating strategy.   I have also created a series of simple videos that accompany the workbook and walk you through the development of your strategy.   This video series is like having me right there, in your corner, walking you through the same 7 steps that I have used for over 20 years to help businesses, banks, teams, organizations and entrepreneurs develop and execute their own market beating strategy.   So go ahead, right now, and fill out the simple form – put your first name and email into the form on this page, check your email and download the workbook.  

Then commit to working through the workbook and the videos, at your pace, and see visible progress toward a thriving business. Let me ask you something. If you don’t create a winning strategy and get your team on board, how will you take your business to the next level? If you don’t create a market beating strategy and work your strategy, you know that this year will not be any better. – You won’t build the momentum you want – You’ll waste more time, energy, money and resources on the wrong initiatives – Your business and team won’t experience the excitement and unity they could be experiencing – Your business won’t reach the level of success you deserve for your hard work So don’t be like the 82% of other businesses this year that just get by. Be a market leader and lead your business to the top 5% . . . This year can be your best year if you build a market beating strategy using my workbook, and then take daily actions to make your strategy a reality. Go ahead, right now, fill out the form and get your business on track to your best year yet! It will be one of the best business decisions you have ever made!                              

What others are saying. . .

“This is what separates the true winners from the rest of the pack”
– A.J. Frint – Business Sales Manager
“Tim Scholten and Visible Progress helped improve our strategy. The changes had a meaningful and lasting impact on both the culture and profitability of our organization. I would recommend using them to help your company take your business to the next level.”
– Ron Seiffert – CEO – Delaware County Bank & Trust

“Tim has helped our company a number of times, and always has great thoughts and ideas on how to improve our performance.”
-Doug Chaffin – President & CEO – Monroe Bank & Trust

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