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What’s the Cost?

What is is costing you and your customers to not take action?

What's your investment?

If you don’t create a winning strategy and get your team on board, how will you take your business to the next level?

If you don’t create a market beating strategy and work your strategy, you know that this year will not be any better.

  • You won’t build the momentum you want
  • You’ll waste more time, energy, money and resources on the wrong initiatives
  • Your business and team won’t experience the excitement and unity they could be experiencing
  • Your business won’t reach the level of success you deserve for your hard work

A lack of a clear strategy that your team is 100% enthusiastic about executing is already costing your business a great deal.

Don’t be like the 82% of other businesses this year that just get by.

Be a market leader and lead your business to the top 5% . . .

This year can be your best year if you build a market beating strategy at our workshop.

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We help you discover vital things you are not able to see.


Leave no room for doubt with your team and your customers.


Experience success without limitations.

Value, Experience & Visible Results

How Is Visible Progress Different?

Do you have a great strategy for your business?

Is your strategy a “Market Beating Strategy?”

Are your competitors envious of your strategy?

Does your entire team get your strategy and make it a priority to complete all the elements of it every single year?

If your business and team are not 100% on board with an effective strategy, then I encourage you to attend our 2-day Market Beating Strategy Workshop.

I’m Tim Scholten, founder of Visible Progress.

For over 20 years I have helped hundreds of businesses, banks and organizations as well as thousands of individuals become market leaders.

During that time, I developed a simple, 7 step process, the Market Beating Business Strategy, that has worked for every kind of business, organization and entrepreneur.

I am sure that if you apply these same 7 steps, you will make visible progress and grow your business.

If you are one of the 82% of business owners that either don’t have an effective strategy or your entire team is not executing 100% of your strategy every year . . . then I guarantee your business is not excelling like it can and should.

That is why I created this workshop.

You can take your business, organization or team through it to see immediate, positive results.

In this workshop, I give you the 7 steps that I have developed and mastered through over 20 years of helping marginal or failing businesses create a market beating strategy, and then execute that strategy flawlessly, taking their businesses to new levels of momentum, accomplishment, team unity, and success!

Not only have these 7 steps helped average business reach extraordinary success, these same 7 steps have helped failing banks, businesses, and organizations turn their business around to become one of the best in their market.

These 7 steps have worked with any size business, in any market and at any stage of business.

They work regardless of whether you are a solo entrepreneur, or the president of a company with thousands of employees.

Visible Progress, Visible ROI

  Real Results.

The 7 Step Framework that has taken hundreds of businesses to breakthrough success levels…


We will help you Frame your business so that you always know what your daily activities should be focused on and what you should avoid, saving you countless hours of wasted time and thousands of dollars.

Some symptoms & signs that your business / team needs to master “Framing“

  • Your focus is NOT clear
  • Your goals are not clear
  • You are constantly looking at ideas and opportunities that don’t fit your business or are not realistic
  • You are pursuing customers that don’t fit your business
  • Your business values are not clear to your customers or employees

After you master the skill of “Framing” at our Marketing Beating Strategy Workshop, your business will exhibit these characteristics of a thriving business:

  • Your business objectives become crystal clear
  • Your goals gain sharper focus
  • You know what products, services, and markets you want to pursue and not
  • You know your ideal customer
  • You know your values and what boundaries you are not willing to cross
  • You stop chasing ghost opportunities
  • Your values are clear to customers and employees

We will help you Diagnose how your business can make more money – developing a plan to maximize profitability. This will help you leverage your most profitable activities and uncover ways to minimize expenses.

Signs and Symptoms that your business / team needs to master “Diagnosing“

  • You are chasing every sale, even when it isn’t making a real profit
  • Cost always seem out of control
  • You don’t have a good handle on your key metrics that forecast how your business is and will perform
  • You seem to have consistent cash flow problems
  • Defects, loss and waste are having a substantial impact to your bottom line and are out of control

After you master the skill of “Diagnosing” at our Marketing Beating Strategy Workshop, your business will exhibit these characteristics of a thriving business:

  • You know your most profitable lines of business and are focused on nurturing them
  • You understand and control your costs
  • You have a good handle on your key metrics that tell you how your team is performing
  • You can forecast your profits because you you know what drives them
  • You are able to control and manage your growth and and cash flow
  • You are managing defects, loss and waste

We will help you accurately Forecast the future of your market, business, competition, and build a plan that will keep your business ahead of market changes and ahead of your competition.
This will help you avoid missing critical trends and opportunities that may derail your business.

Signs & Symptoms that your business / team needs to master “Forecasting“

  • You are caught off guard by a new industry trend
  • You consistently over produce or under produce what is needed in your market.
  • You frequently have to run sales to move excess inventory to get the cash to keep your business running
  • You have products or services that customers no longer buy – outdated
  • You don’t seem to have the right people in the right areas most of the time
  • You have constant labor shortages
  • You are caught unprepared by new regulations

After you master the skill of “Forecasting” in our Marketing Beating Strategy Workshop, your business will exhibit these characteristics of a thriving business:

  • You know where the industry and your market area is headed
  • You understand how the economy is impacting your business
  • You know where your future grow will come from
  • You know what areas of your business are in growth mode and which are declining
  • You know when you should exit or sell certain products or lines of business
  • You know what staffing you will need to support future business and hire in time
  • You know how regulation will affect your business

We will help you Assess all possible strategies and tactics that are needed to achieve your goals, creating a clear roadmap for you and your team to follow. Your roadmap will help you avoid confusion of priority, timing and responsibility that causes so many companies to fail to execute their plans.

Some symptoms & signs that your business / team needs to master “Assessing“

  • You are struggling to meet your day-to-day objectives
  • You don’t look to the future very often
  • You feel like you do strategy on your own
  • You rarely talk to customers
  • You rarely ask customers or employees for feedback
  • Your strategy doesn’t change much from year to year
  • Your board doesn’t ask for updates on your strategy
  • You haven’t ever done a SWOT analysis
  • You don’t know why your competitors are constantly beating you

After you master the skill of “Assessing” in our Marketing Beating Strategy Workshop, your business will exhibit these characteristics of a thriving business:

  • You are consistently looking to the future
  • You are able to identify new initiatives that will help you grow or improve profits
  • Your team is actively involved in brainstorming new ideas and ways of improving the business or making money
  • You meet regularly with customers to find out what they need
  • You ask customers for feedback regularly
  • You ask employees for feedback regularly
  • You revise your strategy annually or more often
  • You frequently do a SWOT analysis
  • You know why your performance is what it is compared to competitors

We will build simple systems to help your team prioritize and choose the best strategies so that you spend time on only the activities that drive your success. The support, ownership and accountability created helps you avoid your plan becoming another dusty plan never achieved.

Some symptoms & signs that your business / team needs to master “Choosing“

  • You don’t have a plan for accomplishing your initiatives
  • You wonder how you will find the time and money to do them
  • You aren’t sure what impact your initiatives will have on your bottom line
  • You don’t know when you will find the time to get them done
  • You don’t know if people are on board with your plans

After you master the skill of “Choosing” at our Marketing Beating Strategy Workshop, your business will exhibit these characteristics of a thriving business:

  • You know which initiative(s) are the MOST important
  • You have prioritize how you will go about accomplishing your initiatives
  • You have the money and resources to accomplish your initiatives
  • You know the bottom line impact of each initiative
  • You know how long each initiative will take
  • You know what impact your efforts will have on this years performance

We will show you how to get 100% commitment from your team on all initiatives. No longer will you have to hold-hands or spend countless time and energy re-motivating your team. They will own their piece of your strategy and will run it with confidence and enthusiasm, helping you avoid being the strategy bully.

Some symptoms & signs that your business / team needs to master “Commit“

  • Initiatives don’t have owners, or you own them all
  • You don’t talk about your progress very often
  • You don’t really report progress
  • Your team doesn’t know what your plans are
  • There are no real consequences for not achieving your initiatives
  • Your team is always looking outside for opportunities

After you master the skill of “Commit” at our Marketing Beating Strategy Workshop your business will exhibit these characteristics of a thriving business:

  • Each initiative has an owner
  • You talk about progress weekly or at least monthly
  • You report your progress monthly
  • Your entire team is aware of your plans
  • Your report your progress to the board regularly
  • There is recognition and accountability for achieving and not achieving initiatives
  • Your team is excited about your future plans

We will show you how to own this entire process so that your business is nimble and will always be able to Evolve and remain on the leading edge of change while becoming the envy of your competition.

Some symptoms & signs that your business / team needs to master “Evolve“

  • You are stuck with inventory that is obsolete
  • You have aging products that haven’t kept pace with competitors
  • Your customers are buying more of their products from your competitors
  • Your costs are higher than your competitors
  • You are losing market share
  • Profits are continually elusive
  • You have high employee turnover
  • Your employees don’t see internal opportunities to grow with the company

After you master the skill of “Evolve” at our Marketing Beating Strategy Workshop, your business will exhibit these characteristics of a thriving business:

  • You regularly update your plans when market or business conditions change
  • You monitor the competition to stay current with trends
  • Customer feedback drives your future plans
  • You kill ideas from time-to-time
  • You sunset products from time-to-time
  • Your customers are buying more of their products from you
  • You gain market share
  • Your business is growing and more profitable
  • People want to work for your company

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“Tim is a natural leader, coach, and visionary. He holds his employees to the highest standards and keeps them focused on the priority work that impacts the business. Tim is accountable to his commitments for Visible Progress, which influences others to be accountable to their own work. He understands the benefits of investing in his business and he is not afraid of making a commitment to provide quality tools for his employees. I have had the pleasure of working for Tim and he is easily one of the most insightful leaders I have worked for. Every interaction with Tim is positive with a laser-focus on the customer and business. Tim is an effective coach and he shares his vast experience with his employees that creates an environment of constant learning. What separates Tim from other leaders that I have worked for is his genuine care for his employees. Tim is an approachable and caring leader who strives to ensure his employees are happy and successful in their personal and professional lives. He uses his experiences in life and business to relate to his employees on a level that creates an unparalleled working relationship.”

AJ Frint
Business Team Sales Leader

“Tim has been a wonderful addition to our team at Northpointe. His ability to dig into processes, ask the right questions and stay focused on delivering a great experience to our customers has already made a significant impact. Tim has the rare ability to balance customer and associate impact with technology and operational needs, which is not easy to do. His common sense approach to bringing people together and working through challenges is one of his key strengths. Tim is also a gifted leader and seeks opportunities to mentor others. He is passionate about helping others grow and make the most of their talents. One of the things I appreciate most about Tim is that he makes sure that others understand and learn the processes used to improve the business – he doesn’t just come in and solve the problems, he makes sure that the organization gets better at leading and managing the business. I would strongly recommend Tim’s work to anyone looking for a partner to help drive measurable improvement in results, business strategy, employee engagement, customer service and/or operational efficiency.”

Leonard Iakiri
VP of Retail and Mortgage Banking
Northpointe Bank

“Tim Scholten from Visible Progress is the consummate banking professional who balances proven relationship management concepts with field-tested practice and coaching principles. Tim’s career in the financial services industry, which spans three decades, gives him a unique perspective on what works and what doesn’t in both retail and call center banking operations. Tim has now delivered sound, practice-centered sales and relationship management to all of our call center and retail associates here at Delaware County Bank (DCB). The effects of this training are profound, changing the “conversation” around selling into a Trusted Advisor “conversation” and having an immediate impact on service and sales in these two customer touch point areas. Tim is a valuable resource for us at DCB, who delivers his advice and processes in a forthright and easily understandable fashion. He has already had a noticeable impact here and we expect that to continue with higher sales and cross-selling metrics. I would recommend him to any prospective client and will continue to use his services in the future.”

Dave Archibald
SVP-Retail & Marketing
Delaware County Bank & Trust


Over 60 years combined experience in banking, online marketing, automation and business development.

Tim Scholten – Founder

Tim Scholten is a veteran banking executive and founder of Visible Progress. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Visible Progress is a leading consulting group that partners with financial institutions on smart strategic planning, immersive operations/systems review and inspirational change management. Guided by Tim’s expert hand, Visible Progress has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional return on investment while leading bankers through a variety of initiatives including bank launches, major systems launches and upgrades, strategic streamlining and cost-reduction projects and the development of top-notch call centers.

Diahn Hevel – Lead Consultant

For over 25 years, Diahn Hevel has helped senior executives maximize the return on investments in their people. Her consulting and employee performance development practices focus on performance coaching skills and execution, organizational and talent development, sales management, and employee readiness for change initiatives. Client examples include Arvest Bank, Chase, C&F Bank, First Merit Bank, First Niagara, Frost Bank, Heartland Bank, Huntington Bank, M&I Bank, Nationwide Financial, Peoples Bank, Webster Five Bank, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, and WesBanco Bank.

Aaron Schulman – Lead Digital Marketing / Brand Consultant

Aaron Schulman has been working as a strategic partner to many business owners in the areas of Internet Marketing, Web Development, Message Development, Social Media Marketing and Advertising, and Marketing Automation. With over 15 years of experience serving entrepreneurs, business owners, non-profits, start-ups, and large businesses improve their Marketing Message and Internet Marketing & outreach effectiveness, he enjoys helping businesses find hidden opportunities for market growth, improved communications and automation systems to help increase ROI while reducing costs for scalability.

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