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3D Automation


3D Automation 

Get up to 5x more response from your leads and contacts with ZERO cold-calling using 3D follow-up automation plus get access to our proven scripts and campaigns.  $397 setup fee.

Through Visible Progress’s proven 3D Lead Automation engine and proprietary scripts, you can use our system to:

1- Consistently reach out to 3X to 5X as many prospects as you currently do
2- Generate consistent new business from past clients
3- Generate new leads from your personal contacts
4- Strengthen and add value to existing Realtor Partnerships
5- Gain NEW Realtor Referral Partnerships more easily (have them waiting in line to partner with you)
6- Get more closed deals (otherwise lost) from their old and cold leads
7- Get more closed deals from their new (fresh) leads after proving our “old lead re-engagement” system works
8- Recapture hours of unnecessary manual follow-up time and reallocate to more productive activities

What is it? 3D Lead Automation is a CRM-like system that allows you to add leads that will be followed up on in a planned and consistent basis. The system creates a personalized feel with the combined use of Ringless Voicemail, Text Messages and Email.

We use varying patterns of contact that leave your prospects feeling that your personal contact and follow up is outstanding. The messaging and timing creates the sense that you are working extremely hard for their business. In reality, all of this is programmed in advance the system is doing 100% of the work for you.

Your work is just recording and personalizing the voice messages and uploading your contacts!  We provide the proven messaging sequences and market tested scripts. Then you record and manage your own lead flow.  We will help you with setup and training and then you can take full control of your system!

Once a prospect responds, the system automatically halts any additional automated follow-up messages because you now have a warm lead to work with. This means no more cold calling and monotonous attempts to contact prospects. 3D Lead Automation™ does the heavy lifting of contacting cold prospects and warming them up for you, without losing the personal touch!

In just a couple of days, you can begin leveraging your existing contacts for new business or leverage the 3D Lead Automation service to help referral partners generate leads or breathe new life into their old leads. Or, you can begin creating new leads of your own through Facebook or Google ads and have our 3D Lead Automation system do all the work of nurturing these cold leads and turn them into warm prospects for you. The possible ways of leveraging this fantastic tool to drive new business, without the cold calling no one wants to do, are endless. You control when, where and how contacts are made!



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