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Business is ALL about Relationships and It ALWAYS has been, but do you know how much revenue you are losing because your bankers have never been taught how to use client interactions to build strong relationships?

It is obvious to most of us that the statement, “Business is ALL about Relationships” is true.

That being the case, why then are most bankers just focused on transactions?

It’s about closing the loan deal, getting that mortgage, and mainly about making sure we address the client’s needs when they visit the office.

Very Few Banks spend time training front-line bankers and lenders on how to have concise and informative relationship conversations. Most zero right in on addressing a question or request without digging deeper.

The result is that many clients are not in the right product and bankers actually know very little about the client and their real needs.

Why is that?

From my experience, most relationship or sales training processes are difficult to follow and institutionalize as part of the bank’s DNA.

As a result, there is rarely a real commitment to following through on making relationship building a priority.

Responsibility is typically pushed down in the organization to a point where nothing changes.

Leadership rarely follows through in giving the relationship building process the priority it deserves.

Yet few would disagree that relationship growth is the key to their success.

This disconnect has plagued many banks and credit unions for decades.

Many have made some cross-sell progress, even targeted marketing successes leveraging some critical data points.

Yet, a client’s commitment to the organization or loyalty is lower than ever due to the lack of a true relationship focus.

This disconnect highlights the need for a Relationship Focus.

The key to doing this successfully is to keep things really simple.

That is why I developed the 3D Relationship Building ™ program over 20 years ago and have been improving on it since then.

The key to your success is just 2 things:

  1. Teaching bankers how to initiate relationship building conversations with 3 simple questions…… Overcoming the sales program complexity challenge. Keep it simple.
  2. Management’s commitment to leading the change. If management doesn’t make this a focus for management, neither will the rest of the organization.

Two things, Simplicity and Management Focus, are what will make your relationship building focus work or fail. It is that simple.

I have been helping organizations for over 20 years make this DNA shift.

That is what is required: the commitment to shift conversations from transactions to relationships.

I can show you how we customize and integrate Relationship Management into your bank’s DNA so that it sticks and becomes the MOST significant factor in your future growth.

If you would like to learn more about how you can make this shift a reality in your organization, schedule a 30 minute discovery call with me. Contact Us.

On that call, I’ll share with you the steps we take with clients that guarantees that 3D Relationship Management becomes part of their organizational DNA.

Don’t let this problem that plagues most organizations continue to derail your progress.

I believe this should be every bank’s #1 Priority before 2024 rolls around. Relationships are at stake.

Make Visible Progress with your client relationships starting now.

Schedule your free Discovery Call today.

3D Relationship Building Strategy

If you are a Banker and you are reading this, you can’t afford to ignore this #1 strategy if you want truly satisfied clients and thriving profitability. They say, “first impressions are everything.” But is your team consistently creating the best first impression……