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If you are a Banker and you are reading this, you can’t afford to ignore this #1 strategy if you want truly satisfied clients and thriving profitability.

They say, “first impressions are everything.” But is your team consistently creating the best first impression… one that lasts for years?

This is the single best strategy to building relationships with a high level of satisfaction right from the beginning.

This one strategy will also help you sell more of your products and services to every customer, increase your profits and save your bankers time in the process.

And the old adage is true… “time is money”.

How can I make this bold claim?

I have personally developed and trained this one technique to more than 100 banks over the last 25 years.

This one technique works even better today than it did 25 years ago.

Now, more than ever, with the abundance of noise, gimmicks, the hyper-growth of technology and the increasing societal challenge for human trust and connection, this one technique is ripe for the times.

It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it’s not!

If you would benefit from better cross sell behavior, more satisfied clients, and increased profits, then read on to discover the secret to making this a lasting technique in your organization…….

The SECRET is:

“The 3D Relationship Building Strategy™”

Teaching your bankers how to ask 3 simple questions, in 3 separate categories, in just 3 minutes.

I call it the 3D Relationship Building Strategy.

This strategy creates instant relationship growth by helping the client KNOW, LIKE and TRUST your team, or instant KLT.

Remember that people do business with people that they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

This technique will help your bankers uncover all they need to get a new relationship off to a great start and an existing one on track for greater customer satisfaction.

The strategy isn’t selling or telling… it’s asking the right questions, at the right time, using the right approach.

This is something your bankers can learn.

I show bankers how to stop selling by asking 9 simple questions that completely changes how you can learn about your customer in just minutes.

The process saves time, and you learn more, allowing you to solve more customer needs.

Here is what makes this technique so powerful: It’s so simple that every banker can learn to do this in a matter of a few hours.

They can master this skill in a single day and change the depth and value of every customer conversation thereafter.

I have seen this simple approach transform client relationships overnight, by giving your bankers the knowledge and experience of how to have deeper needs-based conversations.

I will also show you how to add another 3 Dimensions to these new relationships using our 3D Follow Up Strategy.

This follow up strategy is a relationship multiplier.

Not only do you get started off with instant KLT, but with 3D follow up you can multiply your initial KLT and 9X your TRUST factor with your clients.

If you believe that better and stronger relationship building practices would help improve your customer satisfaction and increase your profits, then here is one more reason to check out this technique; you can fully own a customized training program branded to your bank.

You don’t need to continually pay for ongoing training materials and training sessions as you grow your teams and hire new employees.

You receive all the leader guides needed to do this training in house.

You own it and can teach this simple technique going forward so all your new hires get the benefit of 3D training fully delivered by your team.

This simple, sustainable approach has transformed the sales process of dozens of clients over the past several years.

If you would like to learn more, schedule a free consultation with me in the next two weeks and get ongoing coaching materials and one “coaches training session” free of charge when you register your team for training.

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