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Sales Appointment Generator Coaching

Appointment Generator Strategy
3 month coaching sales program, with calls scheduled 1 hour weekly.


  • Generate 10 new leads in the first 60 days
  • Generate 10 new leads monthly there after


  • Identify ideal clients
  • Build out personal LinkedIn profile
  • Set up Private Authority Platform
  • Build your database of contacts
  • Set up you messaging strategy to turn contacts into leads
  • Build out ongoing, automated nurturing platform for contacts/prospects

Your commitment:

  • Attend the weekly calls
  • Commit at least 30 minutes per day to work on the program. In order to succeed you must do the work.
  • $500.00 per month will be charged to your credit card for 3 months (automatically)
  • You may cancel at any time and no further payments will be assessed



For immediate assistance, please call Tim at 614.374.2890


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