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Bank Covid Plan

For Business Owners     

Create Your Financial Institution’s
Complete COVID-19 Pivot Plan.

I will help your financial institution create and launch your
complete crisis pivot plan in 
30 minutes without
losing customer confidence 
or harming your reputation.

Create your complete crisis pivot and recovery plan

Maximize team unity and customer communication

Grow bank stability and customer loyalty for the long haul

What is it costing you and your customers to not take action today?

The world is mostly frozen in place due to the Coronavirus.  Banks that create a complete Bank Pivot Plan and implement a customer retention strategy without delay are much more likely to survive.  Because of that, Visible Progress is making possible something we’ve never made possible before.  For the first time ever, Tim Scholten is doing a free 30 minute Bank Pivot Strategy Call so you can be sure your plan and ability to execute is bullet-proof… all from your home or office! In 30 minutes, Tim will draw upon his 30+ years in banking and business leadership, and his experience guiding dozens of banks and credit unions to thrive through the 2008 housing market crash, to make sure that you’re not missing a beat.  Don’t be the bank that customers leave and never return to because of 1 simple oversight.

Seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the bank that everyone remembers and trusts.

Get outside expertise to help you discover vital things you are not able to see.

Leave no room for doubt with your board, your team and your customers.

Be the financial institution that everyone remembers as guiding them to safe harbors during difficult times.

Create your Pivot Plan.  Retain customer loyalty while protecting your valuable reputation.  Move forward confidently while the rest of the world is in “pause mode”.

How is Visible Progress different?

If you are like so many other financial institutions that we work with, you are doing everything you can to make your customers and shareholders feel like they are your most valued asset during these challenging times.  With every client we have talked to, however, almost every single one has overlooked a handful of vital questions, blind-spots and strategies simply because they are so familiar with their customers and processes that they inevitably miss some of the vital “trees for the forest”.  When this crisis begins to lift and we help our communities climb out of the coming recession, will your customers and community remember you as the bright lighthouse that guided them through troubled waters to safer harbors, or will they remember you for missing the mark based on preventable oversight?  At Visible Progress, we’re here to make sure you don’t drop a single ball.

During the housing market crash of 2008, we helped guide dozens of financial institutions from struggling and failure to steady growth and thriving.  Today, those same financial institutions are rock-solid, fully-prepared and making visible, daily progress during uncertain times.

With over 45+ combined years helping banks, credit unions and financial institutions to create and implement strategies that bring daily, visible results, we can help you be the safe harbor that all of your customers are seeking.

About Visible Progress

Tim Scholten is a veteran banking executive and founder of Visible Progress.

During the 2008 housing market crash, Tim led dozens of banks and credit unions through insurmountable challenges to ensure that they not only survived the crisis, but thrived once our country came through the crisis.

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