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Business Strategy


Do you know precisely where your business is headed, or are you leaving your performance and results to chance?

Strategy Consultation – We Use Our Focus5 Process

Strategy Consultation is designed to take an in-depth look at your business in order to understand the effectiveness of your sales, marketing strategies, and product delivery strategies and to improve your results by, targeting your focus, expanding or streamlining your delivery, or leveraging new strategies to help you gain market share.

We focus on leveraging your strengths and points of success to deepen existing client relationships and create new sources of revenue.

Plans Are Just Plans Until You Execute

The resulting 3 to 5 year roadmap needs an action oriented plan.  Leveraging our Focus Sprint process we help you lay out objectives, and responsibilities for each person responsible for executing your plan. We can provide access to our Focus5 software that enables EXTRAORDINARY execution.  Execution happens when team members understand the plan, are aligned it their focus and committed to execution.  Focus5 provides you the visibility you need into how well your team is executing.

Why Consider A Strategy Consultation?

  • Having a strategy is just the first step and an easy one compared to execution
  • 90% of companies fail to execute their plans
  • Most employees state they are unaware of the companies strategy
  • Without a clear strategy, employee understanding and alignment, and a plan to execute, you are still doomed to fail

If your plans and execution are falling short, you are leaving opportunity, growth and earnings to chance.  You can make Visible Progress with our Focus5 business process.

Why Act Now?

Our Focus5 Advantage is a clear strategy process that has proven successful over years of use.  Those that leverage it execute at an extraordinary level.  Our process takes you beyond a plan and to results.

Strategic Master Plan (WORD DOC)

Strategic  Plan Template (EXCEL)

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