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Call Center

Has your call center become the preferred way your customers choose to do business with you, or just another channel with added overhead and service issues?

We have both built and transformed call centers into industry leading sales and service centers in both small and large environments, both single and multi-site locations.

  • Technology design, selection and integration
  • Sales & Service Excellence Training
  • Design and Build of Agent knowledge bases
  • Incentive Program design
  • Benchmarking and Scorecard design
  • Volume Forecasting and Scheduling
  • Quality Programs

Why Visible Progress?


We have designed, built and run one of the leading call center operations in Financial Services nationally.

Our breath and depth of experience enables us to work with your team to create innovation and excellence that can be sustained by your team.

Our focus on results and ROI ensures that you profit significantly when engaging with Visible Progress.

Why Act Now?

Our Experience, Professionalism, and ROI Success ensures you see real returns on your investment and create positive bottom-line impacts now.

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