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Financial Services

Are you keeping up with the pace of regulatory and competitive change, or are you in need of fresh ideas and quick speed to market on your key initiatives?

We have broad experience in building financial services capabilities in small to large banks. Our focus on leveraging your staff during the engagement ensures lasting and positive change.

• New Bank Starts
• Leading Merger and Integrations
• Call Center Design
• Call Center Metrics
• Mortgage Loan Operations
• Retail Banking
• Pricing Disciplines and Methodologies
• Product Design
• Technology Selection, Design, and Integration
• Online Banking Applications & Feature Function Selection
• CRM Design and Implementation
• Sales Training & Development
• Customer Service Excellence
• Incentive Program Design
• Warehouse Lending Program Design

Why Visible Progress?

Our breath and depth of experience enables us to work with your team to create innovation and excellence that can be sustained by your team. Our focus on results and ROI ensures that you profit significantly when engaging with Visible Progress.

Why Act Now?

Our Experience, Professionalism, and ROI Success ensures you see real returns on your investment and create positive bottom-line impacts now.

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