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Introducing Focus 5 – A new App designed to help you and/or your team stay focused on priorities.

78% of companies have good strategies but 74% of them fail to execute them.  Lack of focus and follow through is a real issue.  This affects not only companies but individuals.  Think about how much of your life is really planned out and lived on purpose versus just reacting to each situation or email that comes your way.  It is time to “Get Focused”.

Focus 5 is designed to help you plan out your week by entering your top priorities, track and remind you to focus on them, and help you be accountable to someone for your commitments.  Did you know that the simple action of writing it down increases the probability of accomplishing your objectives by 3 times?  But if you then tell someone and commit to those goals your probability will increase an additional 10 times?

Focus 5 is designed to help you increase your accomplishments by as much as 30%.  Imagine what an additional 30% more would do for your career, or what 30% more accomplishments in your relationships with spouse, friends or family?  Focus is designed to help you start investing your time and living your life on purpose rather than accidentally.

Get Feedback on your performance

Get Feedback on your performance

Features include:

  • Choose an accountability partner or team
  • Add and schedule tasks and activities
  • Complete and track task detail
  • Feedback on your productivity
  • Record of your accomplishments
  • Messaging within the App
  • Contextual Search
  • And much more….

The product is currently in Beta iOS form only, but is expected to be ready for WEB, iOS, and Android by December first.  Stay tuned and watch for more updates!

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