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Lead generation referral programs


Your tellers see more customers in a single day than all of your platform employees do in a month.

If you are not leveraging these client interactions to grow your business, you are missing out on real opportunities to grow your customer base!

Many banks have referral programs in place for tellers, and some have quotas required for them to keep their job.

These programs often fail to deliver the desired results due to missing critical elements.

Our Generating Leads with Confidence Program zero’s in on addressing those critical elements:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Product Benefits – how they benefit your clients – Often missed!
  • How to have smart needs conversations – Often missed!
  • How to identify needs based on customer clues – Almost always missed!

Without these 4 elements your teller staff will not be confident in talking to customers about their day-to-day banking needs, and you will continue to miss opportunities for growth that are right in front of you.

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Our ½ day program addresses all 4 elements.

It is a hands on learning experience where your teller staff walks away the skills to discuss product opportunities with the very next client that they serve.

Their increased confidence and ability to engage your clients in a meaningful relationship conversations will surprise you.

In addition, we offer a ½ day lead management training program for those that receive referrals from your teller line.

This program is called Effective Lead Management.

If your referral program has been weak, then your lead management process is likely even weaker.

Garbage in, garbage out . . . meaning your customer service staff likely never follows up on most of these leads.

Here is how to change that beginning today.

  1. Every lead must be follow up on and rated for quality.
  2. Every teller is coached on leads that don’t meet the quality expectations. This process continues to build their skills over time.
  3. Tellers are recognized for good quality referrals publicly.
  4. Lead recipients learn to say thank you and to keep their referral partners informed. This motivates even more quality referrals.

I have found that where referral programs are not successful, effective lead management disciplines likely don’t exist.

The teller rarely receives any feedback on their referrals.  If an account was opened and funded, it is even more rare that they received a “Thank You”!

Let us help you put the right fundamentals in your program and you will see immediate and lasting results in the growth of your sales.

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linda-anderson-testimonial-photoWe saw a dramatic increase in our number of referrals, quality of referrals and business funded as a result of this program. Our new accounts opened increased by over 20% after implementing this program.
-Linda Anderson/ VP Retail Banking, ChoiceOne Bank