Small Business

Does your business run by itself when you aren’t there, or does it feel like a house of cards that will collapse if you aren’t?


Our program is designed to help you develop and create repeatable processes across your business in order to maximize your freedom and to maximize your profits.

Here are just a few of the services we provide small business owners:

• Strategy Planning
• Service Excellence
• Business Process Design
• Service Measurement
• Employee Engagement Surveys and Strategies 
• Sales Training – Trusted Adviser
• Business Growth Planning
• Scorecard Development
• Customer Quality Surveys
• Competitive Value Assessments 

Why Our Program Works

At Visible Progress we use a disciplined process to step you through the critical decisions that create momentum and success. We help to ingrain these as disciplines to ensure that your team stays on the right track. We have started, built, operated and advised small businesses for over 30 years with winning results.

Why Act Now?

Most small business owners are too caught up in the daily operations of their business to pay attention to the critical drivers that made them successful in the first place. We help you focus on the right things to position and grow your business and minimize the distractions from the things that are impeding your results.

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