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Success with Email Marketing Setup and Training

email marketing training

Visible Progress offers a proven digital marketing strategy and email marketing tool as a support product to our clients to maintain the highest level of personal touch for more referrals and repeat business.

Many of our clients do not have the expertise or time to follow up with hundreds, or even thousands of contacts, yet their competitors are using technology to stay in touch and keep a competitive edge simply by using smart auto-response technology to keep in touch, on auto-pilot.

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For a 1 time setup and training fee of $500 and then just a small recurring monthly fee for the auto-responder software starting at $49 per month for up to 5,000 contacts, we will help you:

  • Set up 5 to 8 client / prospect / referral partner segments with your messages and branding
  • Train you how to:
    • Set up new contacts into each segment and start contact on the correct follow up message
    • How to edit and alter your segments and message series
    • How to add new segments as needed
    • How to optimize and split-test your messages, subject lines and calls to action for better response
    • How to change or alter your branding if needed
    • How to master the auto-response tool to develop your own personal marketing touch
    • Build and maintain business relationships through email marketing

It is a widely accepted fact that email marketing is still the most effective method for entrepreneurs and businesses to leverage their marketing message and relationship management to harness the greatest impact on their:

  • Sales
  • Referrals
  • Digital Relationship Building
  • Brand and Name Awareness
  • Recurring Business
  • and more

[stripe name=”Visible Progress, LLC.” description=”Email Marketing Setup and Training” amount=”50000″]