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Transform Your Strategy | Your Business Will Thrive

We help business owners transform their strategy and marketing message so their business thrives.

Visible Progress helps you maximize profitability and build a base of ecstatic customers so
your business can reach its full potential.

The return on our investment has been incredible!  In the first full calendar month since our training took place, we have increased production and income by 400%!  

     -Ryan S. Giffin, Vice President, Lending, CME Federal Credit Union

Your 3 Steps to Success with Visible Progress


Develop a winning strategy that maximizes profitability


Build a contagious culture that your customers rave about!


Grow your business to it’s full potential


When it comes to growing a business, many business owners need fresh strategies that really work.  Visible Progress helps stagnant, marginal and even failing businesses experience the breakthroughs that result in a healthy, growing business.

The Visible Progress process helps businesses experience POSITIVE VISIBLE CHANGE from day one by breathing new life into their business and marketing strategies so that the entire team is on-board with where you are headed and your staff and customers clearly understand your marketing message.  When this happens, the business thrives and grows to its full potential.

Visible Progress has helped hundreds of businesses across the country discover new strategies that helped them break out of stagnation and failure.

Many businesses fail to understand the value of a clear business roadmap that could guide their team in creating the company they desire.  Without a strategy they are headed for failure.  Failing to plan is planning to fail.  Our proven process steps you through all you need to develop a market beating strategy.  Our tools are designed to help you communicate and implement your strategy as well.  Companies that have experienced our process use it over and over again because it works!  Let’s get stared on your roadmap to success….with a free 15 minute consultation.

Visible Progress, led by entrepreneur and banking veteran, Tim Scholten, has a successful track record of helping dozens of teams develop and execute strategies that have helped transform their business and bottom line.

The Visible Progress Strategy Workshop is taught by Tim Scholten, creator of the Focus5 Framework, that has transformed hundreds of teams and businesses over the past few decades from mediocre performance to success.   His book and innovative software app are designed to help you, your team and business reach potential that you never thought possible.  His clients have experienced dramatic growth and increased revenue after implementing the framework.

In the 2-Day workshop, you will learn:

1)  How to create customer-focused strategies that dramatically impact your bottom line.

2) Tools for creating and communicating buy-in across the entire organization

3) Practical steps for tracking, implementing and seeing your strategy through to completion

Businesses that complete this process have a clear plan that can inspire your team to create the future you desire.

If your strategy isn’t clear, your team will have a difficult time executing it.  Once we help you lay out your practical, action-oriented strategy with measurable bottom-line impacts, your team will be inspired to take immediate action.

Register for the workshop and invest 2 days with Tim Scholten. Why?  Because you will never realize your full potential until you experience how the Focus5 Framework led by Tim’s dynamic approach inspires action.

Measurable and visible results – that’s the Visible Progress Difference.