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Universal Banker


Universal Banker is not a new term.

It has been around a while.  Yet many banks have not considered making a transition from the traditional teller and customer service role to a more flexible role where the banker is neither chained to their desk or the teller window.

In effect, one employee fills both roles from a single location.

The universal banker role can transform how you are utilizing your branch employee as branch traffic has decreased with the new self-service options that banks have to offer today.

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The universal banker needs to be adept and supporting all channels, and able to service all types of transactions: from opening deposit accounts for individuals and businesses, to taking loan applications, to servicing all types of teller transactions.

In addition, and even more critical are the skills to engage your customer in meaningful business conversations that allows the banker to build trust and build a relationship with each and every client….regardless of why they came to the bank.

And when there are no customers in the branch, your bankers need the skills to proactively engage and follow up with customers to keep your relationships going and growing.

Making the transition to Universal Banker means changing how you hire and changing how you train your employees.

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At Visible Progress we have helped clients navigate both changes.

Here are some benefits of migrating to Universal Bankers:

  • More highly skilled staff involved in every customer interaction
  • Deeper cross-selling
  • Reduction in branch staffing by as much as 20% to 30%
  • More confident employees
  • Increased confidence by your customers in your ability to meet their needs

Let your customers be serviced by people with the training and skills to understand and service their needs without handing them off to other bankers.

Your customers’ loyalty will soar along with having more confident employees.

“While implementing Universal Banker at our bank, we saw a substantial increase in our bankers confidence to engage with customers. So while our branch headcount decreased, our customer engagement and sales increased. It was a terrific win for everyone. Dave Archibald | SVP-Retail & Marketing | Delaware County Bank & Trust Co.

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