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7 steps that will predictably grow your business

We have been using the Market Beating Strategy Workshop for the last 8 years.

Prior to that, it is an approach I was using with my own teams inside corporate America.

We use this approach to build top performing teams inside the companies I worked for.

With clients, we have also seen incredible results.

A new strategy saved one client over $10 Million that year.

Another strategy the next year launched a new line of business that contributes over 50% of their income on a monthly basis today.

Another client discovered a new path to over $1 Million in new revenue, and with a personal client we mapped out a strategy that now his him earning between 3 and 4 times his previous income.

You see, it’s about identifying the most important things and prioritizing those efforts.

Our process helps you do that.

How do we do it?

By using our proprietary 7 step process.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses and teams take their planning and execution to the next level.

Our Market Beating Strategy Workshop will help you make more progress than you thought possible.

It’s step by step process helps you and your team assemble a business strategy that your competitors will be envious of.

They would love to get their hands on your plan, but they won’t be able to replicate it on their own because it is uniquely yours.

Our team of Experts take you through the process so that you can fully participate with your team.

You’ll see their creativity, ideas, and passion come alive as they engage in the process.

It will reinvigorate you and your team’s vision for what’s possible for your future.

Getting people moving on your plan won’t be a problem any longer as they will be excited about the direction and plans that you’ve laid out.

Their sense of ownership will drive them, so you don’t have to.

Most other organizations help you develop high level plans that are difficult for the team to understand and implement.

There isn’t enough detail to help plan and prioritize effectively.

They stop short of a compelling strategy.

That is why 82% of companies fail to have good plans or execute the plans they have.

When you go through the Market Beating Strategy workshop, what can it do for your business growth and profits?

What can it do for your team’s creativity, passion and excitement for the future?

What could that kind of re-invigoration do for your bottom line, like it has done for so many other?

We’ll take you through the exact steps you need in your private workshop, that will make you and your team the envy of your competition.

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To your success,

Tim Scholten

Founder – Visible Progress
Business Strategist | Success Coach | Author

PS – If someone asked you want your strategy was for the coming year, could you show them on a single sheet of paper?

We are famous for helping you make your strategy simple, actionable, and effective.

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