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Bankers and the Covid-19 Pandemic VS the 2008 Subprime Crisis

An Open Letter to Banking Professionals Comparing the Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020 and the Subprime Crisis of 2008.

From Tim Scholten,
President of Visible Progress, LLC.

The Corona Virus Pandemic has delivered the fastest and deepest economic shock in history.  The good news is that most banks are in a much stronger capital position than in 2008. There has been significant work done over the last decade by bankers and regulators to better understand and measure risk  embedded in balance sheets and internal operations.  In 2008 large banks received TARP Loans to bolster capital.  Smaller banks were just out of luck.

Regulatory bodies were disconnected and often provided conflicting recommendations or guidance about regulations.  Since 2008 significant progress has been made in integrating disparate supervision.

In 2008 many banks stopped lending, which further harmed customers and the economy, but even worse, in an effort to mitigate concentration risk, some banks called loans for customers that never had delinquency or cash flow issues, causing forced liquidations.  Since then, banks have made substantial investments in measuring and monitoring risk and have incorporated them into daily operations to avoid the same risk and customer challenges.

For over a decade, banks have included planning for a pandemic as part of their disaster readiness planning and testing. While a real event always presents different challenges than what has been planned, being able to dust off pandemic plans and jump into action was a real testament to the benefits of disaster planning and testing.

The most significant difference I see is one of attitude.  Government policy makers, regulators and bankers alike appear to be demonstrating real empathy for people and businesses impacted by this pandemic.  We are seeing service charges, late fees, and
account fees of all types for businesses and consumers alike, waived during shutdown of much of our country.  Many banks have pulled out all the stops to help customers weather this crisis in hopes that it is a short term challenge.

The amount of human acts of kindness during this crisis is noteworthy.  We hear stories every day of people doing extraordinary things to help others, neighbor helping neighbor, and individuals and businesses selflessly donating to help people in real need.  We have seen human resilience and toughness like never before while people are quarantined at home, isolated from friends, family and business associates.

We have seen teams learn to work differently and collaboratively in isolation overnight, with leaders leading them well through a world changing event.   While this crisis may have hit us faster and deeper than ever before, the positive way in which people have responded leaves me with the hope that the road to recovery will be much faster and brighter than in 2008.  We are counting on all you bankers to lead the way through to recovery!

After decades of leading innovation in banking in sales culture, streamlining operations, process and technology advancements
inside banks, Tim founded Visible Progress in 2008 to help community banks transform and innovate during one of their
most challenging times in recent history. He is known for his customer-centric approach for guiding banking clients through
crisis and transformation of all kinds.

Tim Scholten, President
Visible Progress LLC

2008 Mortgage Crisis 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic
Impact – World wide Impact – World wide
Rapid increase in unemployment Fastest increase in unemployment in history
Property Values – country-wide collapse Property Values – TBD
Massive loan defaults Loan defaults – still to be determined
Failures of household names: Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, AIG, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Washington Mutual, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Countrywide Mortgage Failures: TBD
FED Response:

  • Interest rate cuts
  • Quantitative Easing (large scale asset purchases
  • Forward rate guidance
FED Response:

  • Interest rate cuts
  • Quantitative Easing (large scale asset purchases
  • Forward rate guidance
Government Response:

  • $700 Billion Stimulus
  • Increased regulation (Dodd Frank)
  • Increased bank leverage ratios
  • Mortgage relief
  • Bank & Corporate bailouts – TARP
Government Response:

  • $2 Trillion Stimulus, to date
  • Easing of regulation (delay CECL)
  • Easing of bank leverage ratios
  • Relief for all types of borrowers
  • Equal opportunity to participate (Cares Act)
Bank’s Response:

  • Reactive communication
  • Slow to respond and innovate
  • Loan Modifications
  • Increased fees to bus and cons
  • Reduce staff
  • Bottomline focus
Bank’s Response:

  • Proactive communication
  • Faster to respond and innovate
  • Interest only (short term)
  • Waive fees and charges to bus & cons
  • Retain staff
  • Customer focus

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About Visible Progress

Tim Scholten is a veteran banking executive and founder of Visible Progress.

During the 2008 housing market crash, Tim led dozens of banks and credit unions through insurmountable challenges to ensure that they not only survived the crisis, but thrived once our country came through the crisis.

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