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How Framing Solves These Bank Problems

If your bank has these challenges, “Framing” is what you need to master

Step 1- Frame: Market Beating Strategy

If your bank is experiencing some of these challenges, they are signs that your banking team needs to master “Framing“

Your focus is NOT clear
Your goals are not clear
You are constantly looking at ideas and opportunities that don’t fit your bank or are not realistic
You are pursuing prospects that don’t align with your bank’s ideal customer
Your bank’s value proposition is not clear to your customers or employees

After you master the skill of “Framing” at our Marketing Beating Strategy Workshop, your bank will exhibit these characteristics of a thriving bank:

Your bank’s strategic objectives become clear
Your goals gain sharper focus
You know what products, services, and markets you want to pursue and which not to
You know your ideal customer
You know your values and what boundaries you are not willing to cross
You stop chasing ghost opportunities
Your value proposition is clear to customers and employees

We will help you Frame your bank strategy so that you always know what your daily activities should be focused on and what you should avoid, saving you countless hours and thousands of dollars.

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Complete step 1- Framing, in the space provided in your workbook – pages 7-10.

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