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Market Beating Strategy Step 5 – Choose

Market Beating Strategy
Step 5 Choose

(Go to pages 27- 30 in your workbook – then click on the video below to play)

Complete step 5- Choose, in the space provided in your workbook – pages 27-30.

Don’t have a workbook?

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Step 5- Choose (pages 27-30 in your workbook)

Choosing your direction is the next step.

The choices you make, the initiatives you choose, the strategy and timeline you set are uniquely yours.

Consider how you should prioritize your initiatives.

Since you have captured specific cost and resource detail along with the potential benefits, you can begin to assess the order in which you should tackle your initiatives.

You may simply use timing for availability of team members.

Or you may choose initiatives that will reduce costs.

Or maybe initiatives that are the easiest and quickest to accomplish first.

The key is that you need to decide how to prioritize your plans and then choose your initiatives.

One method that I use frequently with teams is voting.

List all of your initiatives on a flip chart or white board.

Give each person a sticker numbered 1 through 4.

That is their first through 4th choice.

Then give each choice a point value.

#1 is worth 4 points, #2 is worth three points, etc.

Then re-list the initiatives in point value order.

If there are more initiatives left over that need to be prioritized, vote again on only those that are left over.

These then get added to the list after the initial group.

Repeat until our plan is complete.

List your initiatives in priority order in your workbook.

You can now begin to lay out your initiatives into a spreadsheet or chart that shows start and end dates for each initiative.

Use this to ensure that you have the financial and people resources necessary to complete each of your initiatives within the time-frame planned.

You are now assembling a plan that will get you to your one, two and three-year goals.

Make sure that the documents completed represent your plan and can be easily communicated

This is the end of Step 5- Choose – What is your integrated plan?

Keep your eyes open for the next video – Step 6 – Commit – How will you drive changes?

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