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Market Beating Strategy Step 7 – Evolve

Market Beating Strategy
Step 7 Evolve

(Go to pages 35- 37 in your workbook – then click on the video below to play)

Complete step 7- Evolve, in the space provided in your workbook – pages 35-37.

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Step 7- Evolve (pages 35-37 in your workbook)

Evolve with changes to the market, your industry, the competition, and opportunity.

Your strategy may be the perfect plan for today, but conditions change.

Keep your eyes on the horizon.

Revisit your plan often by making changes to the initiatives or priority as is necessary.

Evolve as things change.

History shows that we must evolve or die.

Don’t be like Polaroid when they ignored the digital evolution and failed to evolve as customer demand evolved.

The road to success has many turns, obstacles, potholes, and intersections.

Some of them can be deadly.

It is important to leverage the people and tools necessary to navigate your road.

We at Visible Progress are committed to helping you with the tools necessary for your journey.

Tools to build your personal and corporate strategy or road map.

Tools to help you stay focused and accountable.

Here are several ways that we can help you get started in addition to your Market Beating Strategy workbook:

• The Focus5 Advantage Book provides step-by-step instructions for your journey to success. It contains the principles and added examples that can help you navigate implementing your strategy.

• The Focus5 App is designed to help you plan you and your team develop and execute weekly action plans for implementing your strategy. It contains tools to share your plans and bring accountability for action to a new level. The features are designed to help you see your strategy through to success.

• Work personally with me one-on-one to fast-track your teams progress. The best teams have a coach. Let me help you guide your team through this first exercise to turn this process into a skill.

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