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The current pandemic crisis could be short lived.

Let’s pray that it is.

It also could last for months, let’s pray it doesn’t.

Regardless of the duration, many of your clients both individuals and businesses will be severely impacted, as will your own bank.

What you decide to do (or not do) now will have a MUCH bigger impact than normal times…

This crisis could go deeper and broader than what we experienced in 2008.

Now is the time to start thinking creatively how you can not only respond to this moment, but to start thinking and planning for a sustained impact to your earnings and potentially to the way consumers choose to do business going forward.

What you decide to do now will have a magnified impact in the future…

In 2008, I left a 30 year plus banking career to help community banks like yours maneuver through the crisis.

All but one survived and actually thrived…

Our success rate at turning around banks in very difficult times was 98%…

While several banks and credit unions crashed and burned all around us for lack of clear & effective strategic planning and experience, my clients not only stabilized but soared above the storm.

One in particular was a very difficult case.

They were pretty far gone when I got there.

They were losing over $2 Million per month and had only less than 6 months runway before the FDIC would likely intervene.

That’s when I went to work to help them transform their business.

Working with their team, we made radical changes to stop the bleeding and do everything in our power to help customers remain in their homes during the financial crisis.

The first line item was to stop the “bleeding”… we stopped the losses in less than 90 days.

Not only did the plan work, but within 18 months the bank was thriving and they launched new profitable lines of business that are core to their operation today.

Today, they are a highly profitable and growing community bank that is profiting from the changes made in 2008 and 2009.

You are at the forefront of a crisis that may forever change the way you and your customers think about your business.

Every day counts, especially now.

Now is the time to start rethinking everything.

Delaying action around this new and evolving situation could cost you millions.

As CEO, it is your job to lead your team and board during this time of uncertainty.

You may be feeling the extra strain of the unknown right now. Here are some things to consider.

Is your board prepared to provide clear direction for you and your team?

Are your team members prepared to take all the actions necessary to survive this crisis?

Are you ready for bold action that your customers and shareholders may be expecting from you?

I don’t know the answers to these questions for you, but they will be answered based on the wisdom of the decisions you make today.

This is a time when true leaders take clear, decisive action based on real-life experience.

Second-guessing or “hunches” could turn out to be very expensive, even disastrous.

This is the time when you will certainly be remembered for your decisions and leadership.

What will you choose?

There’s an ancient Proverb that says, “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.”

Will you be one to “hunker down” and go with your gut, or will you choose the safer, wiser path by expanding your “circle of counsel” at this critical time?

In times of crisis and turnaround, when all the chips are at stake… this is where I have excelled during my entire career.

I am offering my services to a few CEOs to help you lead your teams through this process.

But this door of opportunity for you will quickly shut as the demand is rapidly rising during this season where so much is “unknown”.

Think of this like a council where you rely on outside help to drive regulatory compliance or credit quality, but with a focus on efficiency and innovation for this new day.

Real leaders take action… action supported by sound wisdom.

The time is now.

And you may not have the right creative thinking, transformation-minded people at your table, but you can with this very limited-time offer.

I am not an alarmist by any means, but I am a realist…

…and I am sure, like most of the bankers I have worked with over the past 35+ years, that you didn’t get to your position by being an alarmist either.

It was by hard work, extra nights and weekends, and smart decisions that you arrived at your current position of leadership.

If you would like to learn more about how I have helped banks during their time of crisis and see the kinds of creative transformations that allowed them to thrive, and even become some of the highest performing community banks in the country, let’s talk.

You can book a 30 minute call on my calendar while my limited spots remain open.

My time will only allow me to help 4 or 5 banks in the coming year, let alone the list of my past clients that are already knocking on my door to take me up on this offer…

So don’t wait… book your discovery call right away before I’m sold out.

Here is a link to my calendar: www.visible-progress.com/call

Your success is critical to the future of this country and the success of the clients and communities that you serve. I’m ready to help you innovate and take action.

I hope you are one of the proactive leaders that takes this opportunity seriously.


Tim Scholten
Founder – Visible Progress, LLC.

P.S. Here is what some of my clients have to say:

“Tim is very good at building a strategic vision, and then working to define the logical steps needed to achieve that goal. He has spent many years working across multiple business lines/groups and does a good job at assessing potential hurdles/issues. Tim is also an experienced manager who spends the necessary time and effort in developing his employees.”

– Jim Lockhart | SVP Operations Manager – Consumer Segment | Huntington Bank

“Tim’s ability to dig into processes, ask the right questions, and stay focused on delivering a great experience to customers has had a significant impact for Northpointe Bank. Visible Progress was able to save us approximately $500,000 for an investment of $20,000 over the course of one week.”

– Leonard Iakiri | Vice President of Sales & Marketing | Northpointe Bank

“Tim has been a great friend to the bank and to me. He is genuinely interested in the bank’s success and my personal success. His knowledge, experience and insight bring so much energy to every meeting. After each interaction, I leave with a renewed confidence about what I can accomplish.”

– Barbara S. Walters | SVP Private Banking | Delaware County Bank

Schedule your call today.  Here is a link to my calendar:  www.visible-progress.com/call